Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fashion Over 50 on Southern Hospitality

 My life long friend, Rhoda, featured me on her blog today. Every Wednesday she does Fashion Over 50 on her extremely popular blog, Southern Hospitality. Please check it out! Thanks for dropping by.

vicki hat


  1. Signed on to your blog the last time I saw you on Rhoda's. Again...Bravo!

    Jane x

  2. Welcome, Jane! And thank you! I'm so blessed to have people interested in any thing I have to say! I so appreciate Rhoda for the opportunity to share my heart. My blog is still developing and I need help with some technical matters like posting some articles that were published in magazines. Your comments are such an encouragement to me! Thank you again! Vicki

  3. Vicki, I also was first introduced to you on Rhoda's blog, I love your clothes style and must find a hat like you're wearing! Stylish and also practical for our hot Texas summers. Keep sharing your heart. I enjoy your blog!

  4. Hello Sandy! Thanks for dropping by my blog. You may have read my blog post about our road trip to San Antonio from Atlanta, a quick 2400 miles in 6 days! But our son did most of the driving and it was just me, my husband and our son in our Excursion so we were comfortable. We loved San Antonio! My last trip to Texas was in 1968 with my family driving across Texas from Arizona to Georgia in a car without A/C! Those were the days! I so appreciate you saying hello! Enjoy the rest of your Texas summer! Vicki