Monday, August 1, 2016

Back-to-School Reflection: Every Mom is a Homeschool Mom

EVERY MOM IS A HOMESCHOOL MOM! Today is the first day back to school for most area students and teachers. Back-to-school time is one of reflection for me as I recall those September days of my youth, dressed in a new "dress" and shoes complete with a new Blue Horse 3-ring binder notebook. I imagine I had a new puffy hairstyle too! I also reflect on our family's 15 years of homeschooling. When I recently observed a mother with her two blonde little boys shopping at Target with their list of school supplies, I got emotional remembering when that was me with our boys. Yes, homeschoolers shop for new stuff at the beginning of the school year too. When we would be out running errands during the normal school hours, well meaning folks would inquire and when I told them we homeschooled, they often asked me if I was a certified teacher. No! I was a certified mother! That alone qualified me to educate our children at home. Please hear me on this. Every mom is a homeschool mom! As their mother, you most likely taught them everything they know as babies, toddlers and preschoolers, of course with a little help from their father, like dressing themselves, how to eat with a fork, potty, pick up toys, get along with their siblings, etc...Teaching them to count and the ABC's is just the next step. If you love your child and you can read and follow instructions, you can homeschool. No one knows your child as well, or loves them as much as you! So no matter your choice of education for your child, you are their first and most important educator. Work with and show appreciation for your child's teachers. May your family have a great school year! God bless all the teachers, principals and bus drivers who impact students' lives every day.