Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Road Trip 2015

Well, our 26 year old son works 2 jobs and attends the local university. So, he had a "spring break" and planned to go on a road trip. He invited us to join him and at the very last minute, we very hesitantly decided to kennel our 14 year old dog and take off. We loaded up and departed Easter Sunday morning, just my husband, our son, and me. This was a first for us. We've been to our second home in Florida together a lot but we haven't been on a traditional road trip since 2004 and that wonderful road trip included our older son. It was our last family vacation. Well, I absolutely love road trips!

When I was growing up, my parents were great about taking family vacations. My most memorable vacation was in 1968 when my parents, my younger brother and I drove from Atlanta to Wyoming (in a car without a/c) to visit Yellowstone National Park. We were gone about 2 weeks. Daddy had an Army buddy who owned a huge ranch in Wyoming with more than 1,000 acres. We visited him and his family and enjoyed a very regional experience. To visit Yellowstone, we stayed in a lodge outside the east gate near the Shoshone River. We stayed there several nights and drove into the park to tour. We saw lots of wildlife, the geysers, the lake, it was a wonderful time. I purposed in my mind when we left that amazing area of the country that I would return to the lodge, which is still in operation and owned by the same family. It's on my bucket list.

From Wyoming, we traveled to Arizona, briefly checked out the Grand Canyon, then on to a border town where my grandfather was staying with my uncle's family on an Army base. We picked him up then traveled across Texas home. I remember when we arrived back home in Georgia, we called my grandparents, Daddy's parents, and told them we were heading to their house for some home cooked vittles. We jumped out of the car and kissed the ground!

So, our 2015 road trip led us to San Antonio, TX  by way of  Mobile Bay, New Orleans and Houston. Once in San Antonio, I relaxed on the beautiful river walk. We toured the area on foot, as everything of interest, The Alamo, cathedral, market, shopping and dining were all within walking distance. Our son and I did enjoy a tour on a river gondola where he learned he history of the city and specifically the development of the River Walk. While we traveled many many miles in a very short time, we all agreed it was worth it and were glad we did it.

And...our doggie handled her kennel experience just fine. Sometimes, acting on a whim without a great deal of planning, just works. I'm thankful we had such a great get away together and will cherish the memories.