Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good Manners: Not Just A Southern Thing

I was raised by a very gracious Southern lady who insisted my brother and I practice good manners. Not snobby manners of the upper class elite! Just good common sense of treating others with kindness. So...yesterday I pulled up to a gas pump at the local QT which was incredibly busy for mid afternoon on Tuesday. Well, the pump I was heading for had one of those plastic bags on the handle, no gas there. I immediately tried to back up to the pump beside this one but....a pick up truck pulled up and "beat me to it".  Exasperated, I pulled away in search of a free pump with gas. I cruised the pumps, only to return to the pump where the pick up truck parked. But the driver was not pumping gas. Rather, he was waiting in his truck and waving me back to the pump. This kind man had realized he had sort of bumped me and was patiently waiting, actually holding a space for me at the working pump, until I came back around. I gratefully waved, pulled up and hurriedly pumped my gas. The pick up man searched for an open pump elsewhere. Once I had calmed down, I was so blessed by the pick up man's kind gesture, I drove around and found him. He looked up as I approached and.......the pick up man was one of my cousins!!! He held the spot for me as a stranger, he did not know it was me, and I didn't know it was him when I sought him out to thank him. But I know who raised him! His parents instilled manners in him too! What a great end to a hectic afternoon of errand running! Thank you God for those who continue to put others' needs above their own. Thank you Cuz!