Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I'm A Self Help Junkie: When Is Enough Enough?

I confess. I'm a self help junkie. Check out this stack of library books beside my recliner. Most are on dieting, some on hypothyroidism, some on improving our minds, our bodies. Please notice The Living Bible is on the very top, as it should be. But when is enough information enough? Why I could literally write my own book on the subject of weight loss. I know the basic information and have lost weight in the past, I just have a problem applying the vast knowledge to my daily living.

I liken this broad selection of self help books to trying to pick out wallpaper. How many books must one look through to decide on one wall paper pattern for a tiny powder room? Do we peruse every wall paper book available until we magically determine the ONE? Or should we use sound judgement and look at only 10 or 20 books and make our decision from those?

Please know I did not read all of these books. I browsed them and gleaned something from each one. But what good is it if I don't apply the knowledge and information I obtained? If knowledge is power, then lots of knowledge means lots of power, right? It's not that simple. I must take what I know now is true and apply it to my daily living. "Now" is the operative word. So, enough is enough! Enough said! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fashion Over 50 on Southern Hospitality

 My life long friend, Rhoda, featured me on her blog today. Every Wednesday she does Fashion Over 50 on her extremely popular blog, Southern Hospitality. Please check it out! Thanks for dropping by.http://southernhospitalityblog.com/fashion-over-50-tunics-from-vicki/

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