Friday, March 27, 2015

My Parents: 60 Year Anniversary

My parents were married 60 years ago yesterday, March 26, 2015. Sadly my father passed away in November, 2008. But they enjoyed 53 1/2 years of a wonderful marriage of loyalty, honesty, commitment, faithfulness, mutual respect, hard work and deep love. Deep love for each other, God, my brother and I, and their family and friends. They shared a very sweet old fashioned romantic love. Daddy called Mom on his cell phone to play her one of "their" love songs from the Jeep radio. Mom always ran to the door to greet him whenever he came home. They took turns warming coffee mugs for each other. Sweet gestures.

They both worked hard to provide the opportunities for my brother and I that they never had. Mom worked as an executive secretary for a large oil company in Atlanta for a number of years, but she was also a home maker. Even when she worked outside the home she prepared a hot breakfast for us most mornings. Having been a working mother myself, I wonder how she managed to do so much, well, and with a positive attitude.

Daddy worked long and crazy hours for the railroad. During his final days with us, I tried to comfort him suggesting he rest because he had always worked so hard for us. He said he worked because he loved to work.

Mom lives at an assisted living facility now and doesn't recall the date. But she will gladly tell you she was married to an angel. She refers to him as "my angel" still. The pain of loss has been unbearable for her but I know the 53 1/2 years they shared together far outweigh the countless tears she has shed for her angel.

Thank you, Daddy and Mom, for all the personal sacrifices you both made for me and Brother to have such a stable and loving home where God was revered and unconditional love flowed freely.


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