Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Journey Continues: Weight Loss & Water

Hello and thanks for dropping by my blog! You're most likely here to follow my weight loss journey and I welcome you.

So, how much water do you drink per day? I have a funny story about my husband drinking water for health and weight loss, or not! For years I advised him to drink more water and for years he responded that he drinks plenty of water plus all that water in the tea and coffee counts. Well, depending on what you read, that may be true, but I personally achieved greater success losing weight when I increased my water consumption in addition to all other liquids.Our livers are like filters for our bodies and when we drink a lot of water, our livers are flushed of toxins our bodies need to rid themselves of for better health. When our livers are flushed and clean they operate at full potential and our bodies respond accordingly. That's just a simple non-scientific version!

My husband had a male friend tell him how he eats whatever he wants to as long as he drinks a lot of water! So, my husband began to consume a lot more water every day and saw a loss on the scales. I somehow managed to laugh at his revelation rather than scream "I told you so!". 

Yes, there are formulas out there to provide guidelines for how much water we should consume during weight loss and for general health. If you Google this you will find different formulas but most do begin with your current weight.

When I am home and not out and about, I drink 3 quarts of our amazing well water per day, in addition to any other beverages. I keep a quart jar sitting on my kitchen counter by my sink to keep it simple. I drink 2 cups with my early morning medication before breakfast; 2 cups with breakfast; 1 quart between 10:00 & 4:00; 1 quart between 4:00 & 9:00. I usually have an 8 oz. cup of instant coffee every morning and occasional diet soft drinks or glasses of unsweetened tea.

I know several people who just can't bring themselves to down a glass of water. My 83 year old mother has never enjoyed drinking water no matter how much I encourage her to. Staying hydrated is especially important for elderly folks. I encourage you to do whatever it takes to consume more water. Buy bottled water or a filter, add flavor enhancers that are healthy, add lemons and cucumbers, something to help you stay hydrated and to keep your liver flushed. 

Thanks for listening and enjoy your day as you work toward a healthier lifestyle!


  1. I do like water but find myself forgetting to drink as I get busy at work.mthe next thing I know, I'm feeling bad. And, being a nurse patient safety officer, I know why. It's the best drink for all of us.

  2. Hi Sandy! I know it's easy to be distracted during your busy work day. I work from home so it's easier for me. I just keep the quart jar out on the counter. Thanks for posting and enjoy your water whenever you can get it in. Blessings to you!

  3. Hmmmm water ???? Well I guess I know it's good for me but then so is honey and I don't like that much either lol. I drink around 6/8 mugs of tea a day I don't think my bladder can handle any more fluid ! Vicki I've reached my so called target weight and I'm struggling to maintain it, it's harder than the weight loss ! I lost 2 st 5 lb ;)

  4. Hi Jan,
    Yep, they say keeping the weight off is more difficult than losing it. I guess I'm an example of that. I've lost weight numerous times but usually find it again. I'm trying to keep the 20 pounds I lost this year OFF and continue losing. It's like I take 5 steps toward my goal and 3 steps backward!!! I woke up so determined today after a difficult day yesterday. So far I haven't eaten very well! Grrrr! But typing this helps me so I am purposing in my mind to begin AGAIN, NOW! Thanks for sharing, Jan! You can do it! You have it within you to maintain your loss and continue with a healthy life style.

  5. Drinking lots of water daily is really a must in order for us to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Well, some of us forget to maintain it due to our day-to-day activities, but it's really possible if we work hard on it. Plus, thinking of the positive benefits will really motivate us to do it. Well, in your case, it seems that you really put it in your daily routine, so you're really achieving the positive outcome of drinking lots of water. Thanks for sharing all about your water diet, Vicki! Stay healthy!

    Judith Harvey @ Aqua Perfect Sac

  6. Water plays a big role in a person’s health, though it varies depending on the amount, quality, and regularity of consumption. Anyway, it’s nice that you and your husband are both into keeping yourselves healthy and fit. With the help of proper diet, regular exercise, and the right consumption of water, you’ll be in a great shape in no time. Thanks for sharing, Vickie. Have a great day!

    Verna Griffin @ AXEON Water Technologies