Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Journey Continues: My Weight Loss Plan

The Plan

If you're dropping by my blog from Rhoda's Southern Hospitality blog, WELCOME!  I've had some inquiries about the program I've used to lose 20 pounds and want to give you some information. My plan is effortless, easy to follow. My health improved within three weeks on the program with lower cholesterol and triglyceride numbers!

I have more energy to DANCE! More energy to play with my 3 precious grandchildren! More energy to care for my 83 year old mom! More energy to walk 3 miles per day! More personal confidence! More enthusiasm for life! I'm living a life of Optimal Health. Won't you join me?

If you or a loved one is looking for health, please e-mail me at and I'll reply soon.

In his book "Lose it for Life" Stephen Arterburn provides an exercise to help us determine how much time we spend on food.This was very enlightening to me. When I completed the exercise my sons were still at home and with us homeschooling and my husband working from a home office, I was responsible for 3 meals per day for 4 people. So my time spent browsing grocery store ads, making menus and grocery lists, shopping for groceries, cooking and serving meals, and cleaning up totaled approximately 40 hours per week.

Wow! This was insightful! No wonder I had such an attachment to food!

I hope this has been helpful. Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I am visiting from Rhoda's blog!! I am turning 60 in a few weeks and I can relate to your weight loss journey. Menopause has kicked my butt in the metabolism department. I recently bought a fit bit and it is my conscience. As a nurse I know that the key to long term success is eating less and exercising more but that sure is hard when you love food. :) I have enjoyed your fashion days on Rhoda's blog as I find your tips helpful. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Hello Arlene,
      Thank you for you encouraging comments! Yes, turning 60 in 2016 has been motivating for me! It's like "if I don't do it now, when?". Glad the Fit Bit is working for you and I should consider getting one. As for menopause, GRRRRR! Just when I think I'm surely over it, I wake up sweating! I appreciate you reaching out. Please drop by again! Blessings to you as you seek healthy living!

  2. I'm coming here from Rhoda's both inspire me and I was so curious about your weight loss plan. I'm off to explore more. I'm 55 and I've been battling extra weight for over 10 years now. I give you kudos for focusing on jewelry, hair and make up along with flattering clothing. Sometimes as we move through difficult stages of our life...physically and mentally, it takes little things like a new necklace or a manicure to keep our spirits up. Thank you!

    Jane x

    1. Hello Jane and thank you for your encouraging comments! Now we know why they call it the Battle of the Bulge! Yes, the little things like just browsing a bookstore or thrift store help me clear my head when I'm a little "off". Rhoda and I usually walk several miles a week and talk but not so much lately. I'm glad you have found things that work for you. Thanks for dropping by! Blessings to you as you fight the ongoing battle! Vicki

  3. I am also here from Rhoda's blog. Do this.....pick up something that weighs 20lbs. Then walk around for a little bit and climb some stairs. It will crystalize for you the weight you were carrying around. This was a revelation to me!
    Keep going and congratulations!

    1. This is a great idea! I do carry around 16 pound bags of dog food and it has registered with me. WOW! Two of my grandchildren probably weigh about 30 pounds each so they can be my "anchor" for my 30 pound loss! I will weigh them next time they visit! Thanks for the encouragement and for commenting on my blog. I appreciate you dropping by.