Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Journey Continues...Thanks to You!

Wow! All I can say is "WOW!" When Rhoda asked me a few months ago if she could feature me on her blog I was happy to oblige. Little did I know how much I would be blessed by all of your comments on the article I wrote and my fashion photo shoot. So to each of you who have visited my blog from Rhoda's, welcome and thank you for dropping by. This is embarrassing. While I am a published writer, I am a low tech gal and do not know how to reply to your comments. I mean, I typed a reply in the comment box and clicked "publish" but it doesn't work. Hmmmmm....So please bear with me as I figure out the mechanics of blogging.

Thank you for sharing your own weight loss struggles and tips that have worked for you! By doing so you have created a support system. For me to be successful in weight loss I must have support.

Here's a little about me and my personal battle with weight loss. My mother has always been very conscientious of her appearance and wanted me to always look my very best. She lives in an assisted living facility now and won't leave her apartment without applying her lipstick. I was the only girl in the 3rd grade with a bouffant hair do! Yes, I have experienced hair issues in the past! Mom maintained her weight and curves with morning sit ups and watching her diet, nothing excessive. But when I was about 10 years old, she and the pediatrician put me on a diet. No more bread and ice cream! At the age of 11 or 12 I was tall and developed for my age and that, combined with the diet forced upon me, I believe was the beginning of my negative self image.Then there was this medical doctor I saw for nothing serious and did not have a patient/doctor relationship with him at all and he asked me how much I weighed (139 lbs) and he stomped his foot and said I should weigh 120 lbs and I could be a model. He went further asking me if I had a boyfriend and did he like me at that weight! I was flabberghasted!

So on I went, striving to lose weight and I found success with Weight Watchers in the late 1970's. The class setting and group participation worked for me. I was in my twenties, still living at home and my sweet mom prepared my food according to plan while I worked and went to college. I got down to 130 and stayed around there (128-135) until I had my first child at the age of 29.

According to experts in this mufti-billion dollar industry, support is a necessary component for successful weight loss. I believe Weight Watchers was the first program to provide support and accountability. Of course today, you can be a WW member and receive all of their teaching and materials on-line. This year they began advertising one-on-one coaching which I think is a great idea and I had inquired about that years ago.

I encourage anyone who has the desire to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight to find support in someone; your best friend, your office mate; your spouse or sister. Ideally your support person should know you and your personality well enough to understand your struggles, and love you enough to hold you accountable while encouraging you to follow whatever program you choose. I presently have a health coach who is amazing.

Have you had success with a particular weight loss program? What specifically about the program worked for you? Weight Watchers worked for me in the past but as I aged, I lost enthusiasm for the program and needed a more structured approach. I also grew bored with the material taught in the classes. However, for someone new to the battle of the bulge, I think they are a great place to start.

Other key components to a successful weight loss program are portion control and keeping a food diary.
Your thoughts? Remember, you are worth any amount of time and money necessary for you to reach your optimal healthy weight! And...your optimal healthy weight may not be the same number it used to be. Example: My goal is not 135 pounds now! And if I could have just 5 minutes with that so called doctor from the 1970's......Well bless his ever lovin' heart!

Thanks for listening and God bless you as you seek a healthy weight!

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