Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Journey Continues: Finding Movement with Holy Yoga

Now don't laugh! But....I was an aerobics instructor in the 1980's. I know, it's hard to believe! I wore a sweat band, like Jane Fonda! LOL! Back in the day, what can I say. But I was very thin and active. I also worked out with weights some too. Then I had a baby, returned to work full time when he was only 10 weeks old. I commuted to work 20 miles which sometimes took an hour and a half and left for home at 7:00 a.m. and returned home at 6:30 p.m. No time for exercise!

Lack of time at this stage of life is no longer an excuse for me. My preference for consistent exercise is walking outside on a track or trail while talking with a friend. I manage to walk at a local park at least once per week and hope to increase that as the weather improves. And I love to put on some dance music and dance around my house all by myself! Whatever it takes to move, right? But I also enjoy other types of exercise and recently began attending Holy Yoga. Yes, Christian HOLY Yoga! Scripture, soft Christian music and prayer are incorporated into our sessions. My instructor is an amazing young woman who is certified in Holy Yoga and has such a heart for ministering to women.Holy Yoga has been such an encouragement to me as I can work at my own pace with guidance from the instructor. I leave feeling refreshed physically and spiritually! The perfect balance for an emotional midlife grandmama, don't you think?

So, what activity do you enjoy on your healthy journey? By sharing your exercise ideas, you offer me emotional support and encourage others!

Blessings to you on your healthy journey! Together we are  strong!

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  1. Right now I am concentrating on walking on my treadmill each morning. Sometimes, depending on our humid weather in Houston, I will take a walk outside. Simple walking, one foot in front of the other.
    But this Christian Yoga sounds wonderful. I'm going to have to check it out in my area.