Friday, February 13, 2015

The Journey Continues: Day 32

Yesterday, FEB12, was Day 31 of my weight loss journey. This is a journey with the destination being Optimal Health! I equate Optimal Health to the biblical teaching of the Abundant Life that Jesus offers when we walk in His ways. So what does the Abundant Life look like? For me it is being healthy and strong for my age, able to comfortably walk 3-4 miles; being able to pick up my 30 pound grand child without fear of falling over or dropping them; being able to serve as a care giver for my mom and mother-in-law by overseeing their care, taking them to appointments, and remaining emotionally stable to face what the future holds for them. Notice I didn't mention getting into a smaller jean size! If I work the plan and follow precepts of Optimal Health, the smaller jeans will come, and they have.

Last night, Bear and I celebrated Valentine's Day. I wore a pair of pants and pretty red sweater I haven't worn in over 2 years! Let's just say I felt like a Valentine! I veered off program a bit, but nothing too drastic, and I'm right back on track this morning highly motivated by those garments that had been tucked away until I lost weight. Well, I lost 15.6 pounds in less than a month and I'm pressing toward the mark of a 20 pound loss!

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