Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Journey Continues: Day 25

Day 25 on plan and down 14.8 pounds! This plan works if you work it! In addition to losing pounds, I've lost inches as the "before" and "after" pics indicate. I was advised to measure myself on Day 1 and again after losing the first 10 pounds, but regrettably I didn't. I will soon. On Day 1 when I took the "before" picture, you can see mascara smears from crying. First of all to take a full shot of me in workout clothes was very uncomfortable and secondly I thought "am I signing up only to fail at weight loss again?"

Now, only 25 days later, I'm so glad I signed up! Before the plan, I was chewing antacids several times per day even though I was eating fairly well. With ongoing heartburn, my sleep was disturbed. Thankfully no more antacids and I'm enjoying sound sleep.

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